Our History:

Missionary Evangelism was founded in 1959​ by Dr. Richard Carter, for almost 20 years, he traveled the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and seeing many miracles and many people turn to Jesus as their savior. 

Thousands of people have joined and followed M.E.I., while Dr. Carter traveled to Europe, Asia, South America, the middle east and even all throughout the USA. Establishing churches, training and ordaining new ministers


In the late 70's the Lord called his servant home, during the next 40 years, Rev David Carter continued the work that was started by his father.

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Quickly, the ministry expanded it's work by establishing a new location in France. 

The ministry also continued to develop it's humanitarian aid and relief. For years, the ministry brought volunteers to Mexico, Haiti, and all throughout the USA. Food, clothing and relief was continually brought to different cities in the US and Mexico who were hit with natural catastrophes; while continually serving the Atlanta area homeless and needy. 

As the work expanded, the word of God as well as relief and aid were also brought to many cities in France. 

As of 2018, M.E.I. has launched a new location in Israel. Continuing the spread of the Gospel, as well as stretching out a helping hand to those in need. 

Late 2018, the Lord called home, yet another one of his servants. The ministry continues to thrive with men and women dedicated to the spreading of the Gospel and reaching those in need not only with words, but with the hand of God!

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