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Missionary Evanglisem International


949 Saddle Circle

Waycross, Georgia 31503

Welcome to Multiply Equip Impact!
At MEI, we undestand that our strength comes not only from our words, but more specifically from the actions we take. Dr. Carter recognized in 1959 that preaching was done not only with words but also through every actions. Today, we recognize that by working together, we can more effective in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  At MEI, We desire to be a catalyst of God's love in the lives of those around us, and we've been driven by the same ideas that the ministry was established on since the beginning: support, empowerment, and growth. MEI is achieving more every day as we work on a number of exciting projects to help others improve their lives by sharing the gospel (good news) of Jesus' love and redemption!

Our team is seeking to contribute to the salvation of the nations through advocacy and outreach initiatives.
At MEI, we want to share Jesus' message of hope and compassion with as many people as possible. We think that a single action can have a significant impact on a community, and that collective action can have a significant impact on the world.
Find out more about our mission, vision, and how we're working together to make the changes we want to see.

Our Missions and Projects

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