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Welcome to Multiply Equip Impact!

Multiply Equip Impact 470-558-1278

949 Saddle Circle

Waycross, Georgia 31503

MEI is a ministry that emphasizes the importance of actions alongside words in spreading the message of Jesus Christ. Founded by Dr. Carter in 1959, the organization understands that preaching is not limited to verbal communication but extends to every action taken. Today, we believe that collaboration is key to effectively sharing the Gospel, and we strive to be a catalyst of God's love in the lives of those around us.


The ministry operates based on three core principles: support, empowerment, and growth. They aim to support individuals and communities, empowering them to improve their lives by sharing the good news of Jesus' love and redemption. MEI is committed to making a positive difference through various projects that align with their mission.


At MEI, we are dedicated to contributing to the salvation of nations through advocacy and outreach initiatives. We believe that a single action can create a significant impact within a community, and collective actions can bring about substantial changes in the world.


MEI's ultimate goal is to share Jesus' message of hope and compassion with as many people as possible. We believe in the power of and working together to achieve our vision. To learn more about MEI's mission, vision, and their collaborative efforts in creating positive transformations, further information can be found on their website.

Our Missions and Projects

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